Alchemist equipment

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The following is a list of commonly used equipment that you may want to farm and a recommended stage to farm in. Note that the stages on this list are not the only ones you can farm in, but are chosen because they have the least amount of other drops in the stage and the highest number of mobs available in the case of ties.

Number of chests was not taken into account.

Alchemical Creations

If you wish to farm multiple items at once there may be better stages which have an overlap of multiple useful items. You may also sometimes want to do some general farming for multiple pieces, in which case sometimes a stage which has multiple generally useful drops usually with more enemies may be preferable to one focused on a single drop.

Below are a list of some stages which have at least 2 drops which may be useful to farm. Note that only stages not already listed above are included here.

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Sign In. From The Alchemist Code Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Farming General Equipment [ edit edit source ] The following is a list of commonly used equipment that you may want to farm and a recommended stage to farm in. Skip tickets best You may also sometimes want to do some general farming for multiple pieces, in which case sometimes a stage which has multiple generally useful drops usually with more enemies may be preferable to one focused on a single drop.

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Intermission Ch 2: Ep 3 []. Ch 1: Ep 5 []. Ch 2: Ep 4 []. Ch 1: Ep 4 [].Sphere Parasitism Build Creators are early to mid game monsters and can even be the late game final build. Creators aren't as popular as other classes, but people will change their mind once they see the true power of this class. Acid Demonstration Build Creators are also known as tank killers, due to the fact that their skill 'Acid Demonstration' increases it's damage the higher the target's vit is. If you're into PVP, this class would not disappoint!

Stats str vit 60 total dex. Merchant Skills 10 cart attack 10 loud exclamation 5 enhance cart 10 funding 5 change cart. Alchemist Skills 5 sphere mine 5 sphere parasitism 3 call homunculus amistr 2 resurrect homunculus 5 homunculus strength 10 life psychic 10 free skill points.

Creator Skills 10 gene research 10 homunculus strength II 10 hell plant 5 super life psychic 2 resurrect homunculus 3 free skill points. Stats str int 60 total dex vit.

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Merchant Skills 10 loud exclamation 10 funding 5 change cart 10 discount 5 overprice. Alchemist Skills 5 acid terror 5 acid demonstration 5 sphere mine 5 sphere parasitism 1 call homunculus 10 axe hammer mastery 5 homunculus mastery 2 pharmacy.

Creator Skills 5 powerful acid demonstration 10 improved acid demonstration 10 gene research 4 pharmacy 11 free skill points.And also I won't talk about PvP in this guide. To begin with, the Alchemist Class is the class that regroups Alchemists, Biochemists and Geneticists. This class requires a lot of farming, so I would not recommend to play this Class to begin your Ragnarok adventure in this server. Make yourself a Ranger to ease your farming at early levels. I qualify the Geneticists as a Swiss Knife, since they can almost do everything.

They are ranged and melee, they can be tanky, they can deal tons of damage, they can support their allies very well, they can create powerful pets homunculi ,they are one of the best classes to kill MVPs, they run really really fast, they can create potions and other stuffs and they can also cook! Cart Cannon will be the skill that you will use the most for almost everything.

This will be your main skill as a Geneticist when leveling up. Defense reductions are not applied to Cart Cannon damage in the same way as they are applied to other skills. It appears that Hard DEF is subtracted off the final damage value instead of reducing damage by a percent.

It takes the elemental damage modifier from the equipped weapon as with normal attacks and then applies the elemental damage modifier for a Neutral property attack to the entire damage. This means it will always be reduced by Ghost property. This is the same as pre-patch behavior. When using an elemental Cannon Ball, it takes the elemental damage modifier from the equpped Cannon Ball, and then applies the modifier again to the entire damage. Click here for the Fairy Flower Quest.

Thanatos Hammer can be obtained in the Ghost Palace. But in order to use this skill, you must purchase and equip Canon Balls as if you were an Archer equipping arrows. Don't forget that you can also Endow your weapon with the Sage's Skills or just use Elemental Converters to change the element of your damage while using Neutral Element Cannon Balls for better damage.

Acid Demonstration will be your main skill when killing MVPs. The formula damage increase directly for target VIT. The K number is a constant that modify the damage of the skill, but your valour exact is unknow around 10 - Success Rate compares two values: Creation and Difficulty. If Creation results higher than Difficulty, dishes are successfully prepared, otherwise the cooking fails.

Item Rates are unknown. Special Pharmacy is the skill that enables you to create an new array of potions and other items that enables you to use your Geneticist Skills and buff your allies. Change Material is pretty special, this skill allows you to convert a set of items into another Item.

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Check out iRO Wiki's Grid to see what you can create. Considering your trading off 8 Dex, 2 int and luk with your accessories and 2 int and dex and 5 luk on safe refined Asguard blessing with siorava card in them. When brewing or cooking, it's important to have an Arch Bishop and a Minstrel to increase your chances of brewing successfully. Note: Reset your Geneticist's stats first, then don't add the stats yetun-equip everything then use Marionette Controlthen add stats because this skill doesn't add more than 99 bonus stats and also add your Minstrel's stats according to the stats needed.

Alchemist Spirit can also be used by Soul Linkers to unlock the following brewing skills:. In this section, I will not talk about all the Geneticist's Skills because the others aren't that used in actual PvM and other skills were already explained.

Cart Boost is a buff skill that makes you go really fast, which is really useful. You will need this buff always on specially when you're kiting. Cart Remodeling is a passive skill that increases both the weight capacity of your Pushcart and also adds damage for Cart Cannon.At first glance, it appears to be just a hilt with a hole in the pommel.

However, if you slowly fill the hole with a liquid while attuning to the hilt, a blade appears. If you spend a short rest with this hilt, while inserting a liquid, you create an Alchemist's Blade. The kind of liquid inserted determines the appearance and damage type of the blade see Example Blades table.

If the blade is destroyed for any reason, you are no longer attuned, and must take another short rest to create and attune to a new blade. An Alchemist's Blade deals 1d8 slashing damage, plus an additional 2d8 damage determined by the liquid used to make the blade.

Some blades may also cause an additional effect. After 24 hours, the blade breaks without triggering the Blade Breaker feature. You must spend a short rest creating a new blade, as described in the Attunement section.

Blade Breaker. If you roll a 1 on an attack using this weapon, or if you deliberately break the blade by succeeding a DC 15 Strength saving throw, the blade explodes. When this occurs, everyone in a 15 ft. On a failed save, you take 3d6 damage, with the damage type being the one associated with the blade e. On a successful save, you take half damage. The hilt is left empty but unharmed. Jump to: navigationsearch. The target must make a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw to not have their AC reduced by 1 for 24 hours if they have natural armor or forever while wearing the corroded armor.

Blood Crimson Blade A disturbing blade that seems almost alive 2d8 necrotic damage On a critical hit, you gain temporary hit points equal to the necrotic damage dealt. If touched by fire, they are set on fire, and take 1d10 fire damage at the start of their turn until they use an action or some other method to quench the flames. Poison Venomous Blade A sinister, dripping blade 2d8 poison damage On a critical hit, the target must succeed on a DC 16 Constitution saving throw or take 1d6 poison damage and become poisoned.

The poisoned creature must repeat the saving throw at the start of their turn, taking 1d6 poison damage on a failed save. The effect of the poison and the poisoned condition end after a successful saving throw or 1 minute. For example, the Flammable Blade burns out after 1 hour, and the Frozen Blade melts after 1 hour, both leaving only the hilt.

These blades will still trigger the Blade Breaker effect if broken in any other way, however. Views Page Discussion Edit History.

alchemist equipment

Personal tools Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Home of user-generated, homebrew pages!Though essentially scientists, alchemists' abilities are incredibly practical and can be applied to the simple enhancement of normal life in the form of quick, relatively effortless repair of objects that ordinarily take a good deal of time and energy to fix. As such, alchemists are revered as productive members of society and hold the concept of Be Thou For The People as their unofficial credo.

This creed dictates that alchemists use their abilities for the good of the public rather than for personal gain or political reasons, a creed generally rejected by alchemists who opt for government licenses and funding as State Alchemists.

Despite their obligation to the people, alchemists are also careful to keep the secrets of their research out of the hands of the general public so as to prevent abuse of that knowledge and power by those with less-than-noble intentions.

alchemist equipment

As such, alchemists generally keep their research notes coded so that only they, or other like-minded alchemical geniuses, may understand them. Edward Elric 's pocket watch. As members of the military, State Alchemists are privy to the most advanced alchemical resources, including exclusive access to the best research materials as well as state-of-the-art government laboratories, and are given a sizable research grant each year which can be put to any purpose a State Alchemist so chooses.

Also on the list of perks is an automatic military officer rank equivalent to that of Major and all the considerable military authority and government influence that comes with it. In exchange for these privileges, State Alchemists are commanded to obey three basic restrictions:. In order to be selected as a State Alchemist, candidates must undergo an extensive examination process involving a written test proving a high level of aptitude in the field, a psychological evaluation to determine whether the candidate is of sound enough mind to serve in such a specialized branch of the military and a practical examination in which the candidate proves to a military board whether or not his or her skills can be used in real world situations.

The document, as shown in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhoodreads as follows:. A research assesment examination shall be held once every year. In the case that the State Alchemist does not show signs of progress in his research as a result of the examination, he shall be discharged from the services of State Alchemist.

The State Alchemist is entitled to the use of ample research funds, unrestricted access to classified documentation, access to various governmental facilities, and a military rank equal to that of "major". Additionally, each State Alchemist is given a silver pocketwatch to hold as identification.

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This watch is engraved with the symbol of the State Alchemist program - the Amestrian Dragon circumscribed in a hexagram though both anime series alter the hexagram to a nondescript polygram, presumably so as not to invoke Judaism.

Although the manga does not describe the pocketwatch as anything more than official proof that the carrier is a State Alchemist, the anime suggests that each pocketwatch is an alchemical amplifier. The anime also depicts the watch's silver chain as extendable, as in the instance when the Strong Arm Alchemist, Major Alex Louis Armstrong uses it to tie up a target. Though State Alchemists are more or less given free license to act as they please within their rank, they must each submit an annual assessment report, detailing the results of their research over the past year so as to prove that they are using their grant money and resources adequately enough to warrant continued membership in the program.

It would seem that State Alchemists who fail to hand in an adequate report are put on probation for the next year and that a second failure results in the revocation of their government license. As seen in the manga and anime King Bradley can just renew their license if he feels like it, sparing State Alchemists the formality; when Ed went to renew his licence, Bradley ran into him by coincidence and signed off on the paperwork to renew it.

Though this seems to apply to those not already military personnel; Mustang and Armstrong are never mentioned to have to go through this, likely because of they are already serving the State Military. In actuality, the State Alchemist program is part of Father 's plan leading up to The Promised Day —a system for identifying and selecting candidates for Human Sacrifice.

alchemist equipment

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As the craft of alchemy requires a full understanding of chemistry, physics and ancient alchemical theory, alchemists are closer to scientists than magicians, but the ability to perform alchemy is also tied to an inherent talent for manipulating matter and energy, so not all people can become competent alchemists merely by studying.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Chapter 1: The Two Alchemists. Chapter 4: Battle on the Train.Today we are going to go over how to bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper on death. The Herbalism Kit gets a paragraph and informs the reader it is required to craft Potions of Healing. Which is something I have a problem with. Well, last time I checked a potion of healing is a particular potion.

A friendly alchemist gifted you with a potion of healing or a flask of acid, as you choose.

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The thing is, I think the books are wrong when it comes to Potions of Healing being created by a Herbalism Kit. The Herbalism Kit should be limited to what you can do when someone runs out into the forest for an hour and brings back a few berries.

Alchemist's supplies enable a character to produce useful concoctions, such as acid or alchemist's fire. Alchemist's supplies include two glass beakers, a metal frame to hold a beaker in place over an open flame, a glass stirring rod, a small mortar and pestle, and a pouch of common alchemical ingredients, including salt, powdered iron, and purified water.

Proficiency with alchemist's supplies allows you to unlock more information on Arcana checks involving potions and similar materials.

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When you inspect an area for clues, proficiency with alchemist's supplies grants additional insight into any chemicals or other substances that might have been used in the area. Alchemical Crafting. You can use this tool proficiency to create alchemical items. A character can spend money to collect raw materials, which weigh 1 pound for every 50 gp spent.

The DM can allow a character to make a check using the indicated skill with advantage. As part of a long rest, you can use alchemist's supplies to make one dose of acid, alchemist's fire, antitoxin, oil, perfume, or soap. Subtract half the value of the created item from the total gp worth of raw materials you are carrying.

Oh gee!

Alchemy Equipment AEL222 Review [2019]

I can make soap! Or perfume! My wildest dreams have been achieved! We have our normal equipment and not much has changed with that, but now we have different qualities that our would-be Alchemists can try and achieve, and then we have our alchemy recipes. To craft an item, say a Potion of Healing there are a few things that our characters will have to pay attention too. They will need 25 gp to attempt to craft the Potion of Healing8 hours to get the Potion of Healing procured, a little bit of attention to it, and to hit a Craft DC at the end of the 8 hours.

Because it only requires sparse attention, they can go and hang out with the party rather than being in their room all day. If it had required a constant 8 hours of attention, than they would need to stay with their concoction and tend to it and ensure nothing was going to explode. If they hit at least an 8, they get a semi-useful potion that can cure 1d4 points minor Potion of Healing.

If you want to figure out the costs of creating magical potions, I suggest checking out the Sane Magical Prices and to create the magical potion would be half the cost and a DC could be created based off rarity or strength of the potion.

Which… is quite a bit and has some interesting ideas in its pages. One of my favorite recipe listed is the Smokepowder recipe as it allows your players to create grenades and keg bombs. By looking at monster abilities, or even poisons of monsters, you can easily create more recipes for your table… or your players can start investigating new recipes as side quests!

I also want to give a special shout out to one of our patrons, Caleb, who gave me the idea for Detect Magic Smelling Salts! Those are pretty fun, and can be very helpful for any group that might be lacking strong magical abilities or want to try and save on their spell slots. We appreciate any and all support! If you like what we are doing here, or want to access all of my tools in one convenient place, check out our Patreon page!

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Broken Shackles Broken Shackles Mythical. Gauntlets of the Convicts Gauntlets of the Convicts Common. Prisoner's Anchor Prisoner's Anchor Mythical.

Helmet of the Convicts Helmet of the Convicts Rare. Mohawk of the Convicts Mohawk of the Convicts Common. Suit of the Convicts Suit of the Convicts Common. Flask of the Convicts Flask of the Convicts Common. Caustic Steel Caustic Steel Rare. Formed Alloy Formed Alloy Mythical. Category : Cosmetics.