Granite data aem

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It provides a set of out-of-the-box OOTB components that you can use to build consoles or component dialogs. Note: this was tested on AEM 6. All the source code used in this blog can be found in my GitHub project. To use Granite UI common attributes, you will add the following xml namespace to your console or dialog content. Now you should use Granite UI common attributes instead. Below is a list of Granite UI common attributes that I think developer uses a lot in their component dialog: granite:class granite:id granite:title Note: this is for HTML title attribute.

Do not confuse this with jcr:title, which is a JCR property name.

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This should not replace jcr:title attribute. Do not confuse this with granite:hide, which is another Granite UI attribute that can be used to dynamically render components. I have created two examples to demonstrate different use cases of granite:data attribute. They are both in the Icon component in my blog project. One example of granite:data attribute is that I can use it to pass error message for field validation, continued with the dialog validator from my last blog.

In my icon-picker-validation. This way the error message can be extracted from the logic and set in the field, in case you want to reuse the validator with a different error message for another field. The second example of granite:data attribute is that I can use it to show and hide dialog fields based on dropdown selection.

You can implement this like the example fields below no more event listeners or long inline extjs widgets api code like what you did in Classic UI. Granite UI common attributes help define component global attributes and provide the capability to apply and encapsulate Granite specific implementations. And more common attributes may be added for future releases of Granite UI.

You should be aware of these attributes and start incorporating them into your Touch UI development. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

AEM Gems: Granite UI Common Attributes

Learn how your comment data is processed. Topics Industries Partners. Automotive Communications Consumer Markets. Energy Financial Services Healthcare. High Tech Life Sciences Manufacturing. Enterprise Partners. Strategic Partners. Eddie Yao. Eddie Yao March 26, at pm.Breadcrumb renders its child nodes as is; often as hyperlinks. It only supports properties with the following behavior. The main difference when compared to Hyperlink is that you can disable a button. Button does not support any child nodes; it only supports the following properties, which control behavior:.

It understands the vocabulary of:. Instead, an app specific sling component must be created to produce the following markup pattern see the API section below for an explanation of key elements :. This component understands the vocabulary of foundation-collectionfoundation-modefoundation-selections. For foundation-mode vocabulary it only understands default and selection mode. The component will react when an activator having the class foundation-mode-change triggers a mode change to default or selection mode.

In default mode it will do nothing and let the event from the item pass through. In selection mode, it will suppress stop propagation the event from the item and when the item is clicked, it will assign the class foundation-selections-item to the item and then trigger a foundation-selections-change event. It is often used to group content managed by a layout algorithm. Please refer to documentation on the specific layout items e.

Content is a container component that can change its body programmatically; for example, an image carousel. Instead you need to create an app-specific sling component that produces the following markup pattern:.

This component implements the foundation-content vocabulary. There are a selection of form inputs; for example, text field, checkbox, and radio button, amongst others. All inputs follow the same convention. The details specific to the particular input are documented in the specific section. All inputs support properties with the following behavior:. To provide values from content when editing the properties of a content node the request attribute granite.

Typically the attribute is set in the form component, which includes the field components.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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granite data aem

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. You are trying to access a server side property with client side script. As you may realize sightly executes at server end and rendered output is returned to browser. In your case you need to send the properties to browser to make it available for clientside scripts to consume. Learn more. AEM 6. Ask Question. Asked 2 years ago.

Active 2 years ago. Viewed 1k times. So I have the following lines which loads my javascript. Any ideas how it can be done? I've looked around the net but didn't find anything useful.

granite data aem

Thank you. Active Oldest Votes. Pass the values as data elements and retrieve using jquery. Saravana Prakash Saravana Prakash 1, 9 9 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. Option 1 is the way to go. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog.Day Working with Granite Datasources. By Anirudh Sharma. In our case, we have colour nodes. Note the folders common and data are of type sling:Folder.

Add following code in the datalist. Create a class named Datasource and paste the following code in it. In our case, it will read as "colors". DataSource object. Here we are converting the Map created previously into the DataSource object ds. After setting the dswe are setting it in the request object. You will then see the colours are populated in the dropdown.

Edit dialog Conclusion. I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to fork or open issues, if any. I would love to hear your thoughts on this and would like to have suggestions from you to make it better. Post a Comment. Hello everyone! Welcome to this AEM development series.

We can all see the revolution of Digital Marketing today. Companies are dying to be a part of it and they have made this a war for the Digital Marketing tools. They are leaders in the Digital Marketing platforms since When I first started learning AEM inI was dumbfounded to see there is so much going on under the hood.

I then spent months to gather all the res…. Read more. Day Introduction to AEM.An AEM author selects drop-down values during design time.

DataSource object. For information, see DataSource. Once you create a DataSource object, its data can be used to dynamically populate a drop-down control, as shown in this illustration. Before you read this article, its is strongly recommended that you create the Hero Touch UI component by following the article listed here.

This article assumes that you have created the project files created from that article. The following illustration shows the new project files created in this development article.

This development article steps you through how to modify the Hero component. A drop-down control is added to the Hero compoent and then a DataSource object is created that is responsible for populating the drop-down control with data. Perform these steps:. Next create the JSP script that defines the DataSource object that is used to populate the new drop-down control.

In this example, a for loop is used to populate a Map object with data values.

Adobe Experience Manager

For each iteration of the loop, a new value and text value is created and assigned to the map object. After the loop is done, a DataSource object is created using the following code:.

Notice that a SimpleDataSource contructor is used and the Map object's iterator method is passed. The DataSource object is passed as an argument to the request object's setAttribute method.

Using Granite DataSource objects to populate AEM Touch UI objects

The herotext2 component used in the Touch UI view and being dragged from the side rail. As you will see, there is a new drop-down in the hero components dialog. Select a value and click the checkmark button.

You will see the selected value in the AEM web site. Note: In the previous illustration, notice that text3 is selected. Next notice that value3 is displayed in the web page. This is because when you set the map in the DataSource object, the text value is displayed in the dialog as shown here.

The corresponding value is displayed in the web page. Experience Manager User Guide. Select an article: Select an article:. Applies to: Experience Manager. Article summary.

A drop-down control populated by using a DataSouce object. DataSource object used to populate the drop-down control in the Hero component' dialog. Perform these steps: Add a drop-down component to the Hero component dialog. Add a DataSource script to the component folder. Modify the Hero component JSP.

Add a drop-down component to the Hero component dialog. Add a drop-down control to the Hero component's dialog by performing these steps:. Right click and select Create, Create Node. In this example, the control is a drop-down. Right click, and select Create, Create Folder. Name the folder datasource.Hello Nate Yolles, We are facing a problem with the render conditions for a custom granite screen we developed for our project. It's not using the current path but using a path from the cache.

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Adobe AEM 6.1 - Creating A Website From Scratch

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I love your work. This is really helpful. I'm looking to learn AEM to get a job next year, Thanks for the nicely written articles. Post a Comment.

granite data aem

Day AEM Architecture. By Anirudh Sharma. It is Adobe's open web stack and it forms the technical base on which AEM is built. It also provides the foundation UI framework and its major goals are to. It is a set of specifications. Its core specification defines a component and service model for Java. A practical advantage of OSGi is that every software component can define its API via a set of exported Java packages and that every component can specify its required dependencies.

The components and services can be dynamically installed, activated, de-activated, updated and uninstalled.

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AEM uses Apache Felix in its tech stack. For more details see this post. The JCR storage model is a tree of nodes and properties: nodes are used to organize the content and named properties store the actual data, either as simple types string, boolean, number, etc. Using convention over configuration, requests are processed by scripts and servlets, dynamically selected based on the current resource.

This fosters meaningful URLs and resource-driven request processing, while the modular nature of Sling allows for specialized server instances that include only what is needed. On top of the above technology stack, there are AEM specific modules that run.

On top of everything, the organization-specific code runs which is according to their specific needs. In the upcoming posts, we will be learning to do this only - creating custom code on top of AEM.