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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Media Type Media Type. Tandy's money machine : how Charles Tandy built Radio Shack into the world's largest electronics chain. The Z microprocessor : architecture, interfacing, programming and design.

Radio Shack Math For The Electronics Student Topics: circuit, voltage, current, reactance, resistance, inductance, power, capacitor, parallel, total, Forrest Mims engineer's mini notebook timer circuits radio shack electronics. Forrest Mims engineer's mini notebook timer circuits radio shack electronics Topics: ooo, sss, ikj, oscillates, awo, timer, amd, resistor. Forrest Mims engineer's mini notebook basic semiconductor circuits radio shack electronics.

Forrest Mims engineer's mini notebook basic semiconductor circuits radio shack electronics Topics: amd, ooo, awo, awd, tme, ool, oscillator, caw, relay, circuit. Forrest Mims engineer's mini notebook sensor projects radio shack electronics. Forrest Mims engineer's mini notebook sensor projects radio shack electronics Topics: amd, vou, semsor, sensor, awd, circuit, screem, cam, compass, plastic.

Covers CPUsZ80,Analog-to-digital conversion, bus standards, peripheral interfacing, and troubleshooting. Topics: microprocessor, interface. A self-teaching guide. Covers number representation binary, decimal, hexarithmetic operations, opcodes, assembler directives, conditionals, registers, logic, stack, subroutines. Topics: assembly, programming, intecolor, duotech. David Alvin Mims WW. Pitman Programming Pocket Guides. A short as asm books go book on assembly for the Intel CPU.

Includes clock cycle count. Topics: trs, modeltandy, radio shack, assembly, programming,intel. Mims WW Topics: ooo, tht, amd, cam, awd, ool, fts, capacitors, circuit, oscillator, ooo ool. Harvard C. Pennington Topics: ffff, sector, file, disk, program, bytes, track, byte, sectors, relative, data recovery, basic Mims WW favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite 1 reviews Topics: ool, iii, rrr.

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Includes a Model specific supplement. Topics: trs, modeltrs model 2, trs model 3, programming, tandy, radio shack. Created on. Jason Scott Archivist.Wikipedians in Egypt may be able to help! This article links to an unverified story on theregister. This story is apocryphal and does not cite any authoritative source such as an official record or quote from an executive who was employed at the time by the company. The idea was simply that if the Radio Shack electronics store format did not work then the company could introduce Tandy leather goods into the stores.

Knowing Charles Tandy's pride in his family name it is also likely that he preferred to use his family name. I have deleted this reference as I believe it to be untrue.

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It seems to be written by disgruntled ex-employees with an axe to grind; the mentions of the Onion piece, the exact wording of an email sent years ago etc. Zezen talk19 April UTC. The section titled International operations contains much detail about markets which once existed but have long since ended. Codefenix talk19 May UTC. I have just modified one external link on RadioShack.

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Tandy Corporation has its own and this seems to be more focused on the brand which is now owned by Kensington Capital Holdings. I have made fixes to the article however it seems to be confusing on what the article is about. The Flavoradio carried the Realistic name until about when it switched to "Radio Shack" then finally "Optimus". When the Flavoradio was dropped from the catalog init was the last AM-only radio on the market.

It seems to read that it was in the catalogue for about a decade and a half after it was no longer sold. Is there a mistake here, or am I simply not understanding something? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Electronics portal. United States portal. Template Usage Articles Requested! Texas portal. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit New section View history.Page of 20 Go. Table of Contents. Page 2: Table Of Contents Page 3: Introduction Page 4 Phono-type Output Jack — for connec- tion to home theater or test equipment.

Threaded Insert — lets you attach the meter to a camera tripod for increased ac- curacy.

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Page 5: Specifications Page 6 One 9V Battery Check Page 7: Installing A Battery For the best perfor- mance and longest life, we recommend a RadioShack alkaline battery. Caution: Use only a fresh battery of the required size and recommended type. Page 8 Replace the batteries when the reading is in any other region or the meter stops operating. Page 9: Controls Page Output For example, you might use an audio patch cord to con- nect the meter to the AUX or high-level in- put of a recorder.

Page Weighting When set tothe meter primarily mea- sures frequencies in the —10, Hz range, which is the area of greatest sensi- tivity to the human ear. Page Microphone Page Cal calibration If adjustment is necessary, take the sound meter to an audio professional who can calibrate the meter by connecting special equipment, such as a sound gen- erator, to the jack.

Page 14 Page 15 When the sound is coming mainly from one direc- tion, the level reading might be significant- ly affected by reflections from your body. Page Checking Noise Levels Page Checking Room Acoustics Take measurements at several SLOW points in the test area, with the meter posi- tioned properly.

Average dB levels of some common activities. Page 18 Page 19 Above 10 kHz, the frequency response of the meter drops off rapidly. Page 20 Mary Hanbury RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy for the second time in just two years.

The deal established a partnership with Sprint to open co-branded stores. The plan wasn't successful.

Source: Amazon.

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Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Mary Hanbury. You don't even need to enter the store to know it's in trouble. An associate in the store tells us that everything in the store is discounted. A make-shift table at the front of the store is displaying turntables But the display seems temporary and hastily set up.

Outdated technology like pocket radios and dictaphones are displayed at the front of the store. More exciting products, like drones, are buried at the back. RadioShack said headphone sales were strong for the brand inreporting to have sold over a million pairs.

You can buy the same Beats headphones on Amazon for the same price. Though the entire store is on sale, customers are warned that they cannot return any products. Towards the back of the store, a TV is missing from a display. Some of the products feel a little dated, like these cassette adapters. The store has row upon row of audio cables. An entire section of the store is dedicated to plug-in car chargers that all look pretty similar. Inventory is pretty slim but products are spread out to make the store look full.

radio shack uk

RadioShack is well-stocked with sale banners, though. The store also has a ton of batteries. The final sign by the checkout says, "Warranties are in full effect.Tandy Leather was founded in as a leather supply store and acquired a number of craft retail companies, including RadioShack in Tandy began in when two friends, Norton Hinckley and Dave L. Tandy, decided to start the Hinckley-Tandy Leather Company and concentrated their efforts on selling sole leather and other supplies to shoe repair dealers in Texas.

Tandy's business survived the economic storms of the Depression, gathered strength and developed a firm presence in the shoe findings i. Dave Tandy had a son, Charleswho was drafted into the business during his early twenties. Charles obtained a B. A degree at Texas Christian University then began attending the Harvard Business School to further expand his education. He wrote to his father from overseas suggesting that leathercraft might offer new possibilities for growing the shoe finding business since the same supplies were used widely in Navy and Army hospitals and recreation centers.

Leathercraft gave the men something useful to do and their handiwork, in addition to being therapeutic, had genuine value.

radio shack uk

Charles Tandy returned home from the service as a Lieutenant Commander in and negotiated to operate the fledgling leathercraft division himself. He had encouraged and followed the development of that venture through correspondence with his father.

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Within a short time Charles succeeded in opening the first of two retail stores in that specialized exclusively in leathercraft. Hinckley did not share the enthusiasm of Dave and Charles Tandy for the new leathercraft division. As a result, the two original founders came to an agreement in that Hinckley would continue to pursue the shoe findings business and the Tandy partners would specialize in promoting leathercrafts.

The first Tandy Catalog, only 8 pages long, was mailed to readers of Popular Science magazine who had responded to two-inch test ads that were placed by Tandy. From forward Tandy operated retail mail order stores supported by direct mail advertising. A growing 'do-it-yourself movement' prompted by a shortage of consumer goods and high labor costs continued to gather momentum.

The fifteen leathercraft stores opened during this division's first two years of operation became quite successful. Tandy began expanding by gaining new product lines; the first acquisition was with the American Handicrafts Company which featured a broad line of do-it-yourself handicraft products, two established retail stores in the New York market, and useful knowledge of school and institutional markets. Sixteen additional retail stores were opened inand by Tandy Leather was a thriving company with leased sales sites in 75 cities across the United States.

Tandy Leather became an attractive commodity and was purchased in by the American Hide and Leather Company of Boston name change in to General American Industries. DuringGeneral American Industries acquired three other companies unrelated to the leather industry and a struggle for control of the parent company began. Charles saw the need to emancipate the company from continuing in the direction initiated by GAI. He used all his resources, raised additional money, and exercised his right to purchase theshares of stock that were included in the original settlement.Page of 20 Go.

Table of Contents. You can hang the main unit indoors on a wall or use its built-in stand for easy viewing on a table. You can place the remote sensor outdoors or in an- other room to monitor the temperature at that loca- tion. Page 4 the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the follow- ing measures Page 5: Fcc Declaration Of Conformity 1 this device may not cause harmful in- terference, and 2 this device must accept any interference received, including interfer- ence that may cause undesired operation.

Page 6 longest life, we recommend RadioShack alkaline bat- teries.

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Warning: Dispose of old batteries promptly and prop- erly. Do not burn or bury them. Page 8: In The Main Unit 3.

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Page 9: Mounting Options 3. Only the remote sensor is weather-resistant. Page Remote Sensor Remote Sensor To set the remote sensor on a flat surface, insert the ends of the supplied wire stand into the holes on the back of the remote sensor above the battery compart- ment.

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To mount the remote sensor on a wall or on a post outdoors, for exampleyou need two inch 3-mm screws not supplied with heads that fit the keyhole The main unit searches for those signals.

The temperature measured at the main unit appears on the bottom right of the display. Page Scanning Channels Scanning Channels 1. Hold down for about two seconds. The display updates the channel and tempera- ture every five seconds. Press any key to stop the automatic scan.

The current channel and temperature appear. Page Troubleshooting Press any key to stop the alarm.All prices are in GBP. Latest Products Top Selling Products. Please wait Sign in or Create an account. Home CB Radio. CB Radio Select sub-category. Trucker 80 CB Aerial. Choose Options.

radio shack uk

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radio shack uk

Brookstone 3 Way Cigar socket adaptor for trucks. Thunderpole T CB Radio. Tristar for CB Radio Aerials. Quick Release Mount. Cigar plug - Fused. CB Radio Adjustable rig bracket. Cigar plug double splitter - adaptor. Quality Cigar Plug for Trucks. Midland Power Lead 78 and 48 etc. Microphone Plug.

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